Visual Game Creator - WYSIWYG 3D game maker

VGC is based on the AGE engine. This incarnation sports a GUI built ontop of the engine itself allowing for editing of scenes in real-time; while all of the scripts in the scene are running.

AGE Engine - game engine with editor

AGE is a game engine that features its own scripting system with 3D, 2D, GUI and networking capabilities.

This version of AGE is packed with a 3D editor with multi-client real-time editing and a built-in syntax-highlighted scripting editor.

Speak and Spell

My very first published Android app.

Speak the word and this tool will spell it out to you on screen, with the option of also reading the spelling out. The word can also be copied with the correct spelling for use in emails and messages.

Rogue oriented library

Playing with world generation. Based on a 10 by 10 grid of boolean values. The 'smooth' layer was applied over this using basic height thresholds to represent different land types.

Quick box physics

I had an idea for quickly computing box physics which I had a go at. An EXE and the DBP source is included if you want to develop it further.

It lacks any sort of smooth or consideration to each cubes size when calculating movement after collision but this would be simple to add.


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