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How to Enjoy Edible Seeds from Your Garden

There are many ways to enjoy your edible garden in winter. Along with what’s still growing outdoors and indoors, such as my microgreens, I have cured squash, onions and garlic in my cold room; tomatoes, tomatillos, blanched zucchini, pesto and veggie soup in the freezer; and air-dried herbs hanging on hooks. …

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How to Make an Elegant Topiary

A touch of formality is not out of place in most gardens, and precisely trimmed cones and spheres of foliage — classic forms of topiary — are especially suited to containers. All that’s required is a beautiful container, a plant amenable to frequent pruning and patience. There are myriad ways …

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Gooseberry Plants are Easy to Cultivate

Gooseberry plants are easy to cultivate In my family, gooseberries provided everyone with a job: I grew and harvested them, my father topped and tailed them, and my mother turned them into mouth-watering pies and jam. Often thought of as quintessentially English, gooseberries aren’t mentioned in any British documents until …

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5 Best Wheelbarrows for Your Garden

When working in an outdoor environment, there will come a time when heavy loads of garden waste need to be transported from site to site. Buckets, baskets and trugs are fine for hauling small quantities of detritus, but top of the tipping tree sits the wheelbarrow. Steeds with one to …

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